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Green Lane Company

The Greenlanecompany offer relaxing and non-damaging Greenlaning fun with your own 4×4.

Through years of experience and a maximum of 3 vehicles at the time, we can create routes and travels tailored to suit your needs.

Offroad drivers training, safe use of winches and overland consultancy is part of our sevices.

Please feel free to contact us.

Hope to see you soon.

The Greenlane Company


Off Road Trails – Ireland

Weekend Off-Road Tours in the West of Ireland

Organised to you by the people who brought you the 4×4 Challenge for Charity

We have a variety of routes available suitable for all types of 4×4 vehicle.

Some tours are suitable for families with children and some are organised on an adult only basis



Dream Overland

Santo Tirso

Various Destinations